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HEI Staff

Directory of HEI staff. Click on a person's name for contact information.

Robert O’Keefe Vice President
Ellen K. Mantus Director of Science
Donna J. Vorhees HEI Energy CEO and Vice President
Annemoon M. van Erp Deputy Director of Science
Thomas J. Champoux Director of Science Communications
Jacqueline C. Rutledge Director of Finance and Administration
Jason Desmond Deputy Director of Finance and Administration
Emily Alden Corporate Secretary
Amy Andreini Science Communications Specialist
Ayusha Ariana
Ayusha Ariana Research Assistant
Palak Balyan Consulting Staff Scientist
Hanna Boogaard Consulting Principal Scientist
Aaron J. Cohen Consulting Principal Scientist
Dan Crouse Senior Scientist
Robert Davidson headshot
Robert M. Davidson Staff Accountant
Philip J. DeMarco Compliance Manager
Kristin C. Eckles Senior Editorial Manager
Elise G. Elliott Staff Scientist
Hope Green Editorial Project Manager
Lissa McBurney Senior Science Administrator
Janet McGovern Headshot
Janet McGovern Executive Assistant
Victor Nthusi Consulting Research Fellow
Pallavi Pant Head of Global Health
Allison Patton
Allison P. Patton Senior Scientist
Quoc Pham Science Administrative Assistant
Anna Rosofsky
Anna Rosofsky Senior Scientist
Robert Shavers Operations Manager
Eva Tanner Staff Scientist
Alexis Vaskas Digital Communications Manager
Ada Wright Research Assistant