Science on the 7th

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March: Pallavi Pant and guests Dr. Jaime Hart and Smita Rakesh discuss gender-related impacts of air pollution.

February: Pallavi Pant and guests Ebba Malmqvist and Ugo Taddei discussed air quality and health in the European Union.


December: Pallavi Pant along with Dr. María Neira and Jane Burston discussed air pollution, health, and opportunities for progress.

November: Pallavi Pant along with Dr. Alice Akinyi Kaudia & Dr. Caradee Wright discussed air pollution in Africa, the impacts on children's health, and connections to the COP27 Conference.


October: Pallavi Pant along with Dr. Susan Anenberg & Bhushan Tuladhar discussed the SoGA Cities report; with a special focus on Asia/Nepal.

September: Pallavi Pant and Zorana Andersen discussed an overview of air pollution issues around the world and health impacts.

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