Air Pollution

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  • Ambient Air: A Complex Mixture from Diverse Sources

  • Find out about research on diesel exhaust, ozone, particulate matter, and mixtures

  • HEI supports methods development, including statistical and biological methods

  • Progress on funded projects is highlighted at the Annual Conference

  • HEI brings together scientists, policy makers, non-governmental and industry people to exchange ideas and promote high quality science

  • Since the early 1980s, the core mission of HEI is to study the health effects of air pollution with a focus on vehicular emissions. More recently, the scope has broadened to air pollution in general, because ultimately people are exposed to a mixture of pollutants from different sources. This page provides a gateway to HEI's research on diesel exhaust, mixtures, ozone, statistical methods, and other important topics. The program covers a wide area of research approaches, including epidemiology, toxicology, exposure science, and statistics.

    Ozone Multipollutants Particulate Matter Traffic-related Diesel Exhaust Statistical Methods