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Submit your abstract and be a part of HEI's Annual Conference 2024

2024 HEI Annual Conference
Philadelphia Marriott Downtown hotel, Philadelphia, PA, April 28-30, 2024



The size of the poster board is 4 ft tall x 8 ft wide (~120 cm x 240 cm). Any poster size that fits on the board with space around the edges is acceptable.

Prepare a heading for the top of your poster that indicates the title and author(s). The lettering for this section should be at least 1 inch (2.5 cm) high. The title and authors should be the same as in the abstract. The principal investigator of the study should be underlined.

Please include short and legible Introduction, Summary, and Conclusions sections. Consider using bulleted points instead of full paragraphs. Because of the varied nature of the participants at the HEI conference, please present the main points so that these can be understood by non-experts and experts alike. Avoid the use of confusing abbreviations and acronyms. 

Please be concise, so that you can use as large a font size as possible; larger font sizes are easier to read. Maintain a consistent font type and style.
Tables and figures should cover about 50% of the poster. Please include results with tables and figures. 

Keep in mind that your text and figures must be legible at distances of four feet or more. Keep figure legends brief, but do not omit them. 

Please attend your poster during your assigned session. Assignments will be provided ahead of the conference and in the conference program.


New for 2024: Posters should be on display only during the day of the session to which you have been assigned.
Sunday session: please mount your poster before 1:00 pm; take it down by 6:00 pm.
Monday session: please mount your poster before 9:00 am; take it down by 6:00 pm.
Tuesday session: please mount your poster before 9:00 am; take it down by 1:30 pm.
**Note: posters still on display after these times may be taken down by HEI staff.

For posters on ongoing HEI-funded studies:
Please send a final version of your poster to before or shortly after the conference. HEI archives electronic copies of all HEI-funded posters and abstracts as part of the study files and plans to post them on the HEI website on the Ongoing Studies page. Please let us know if you need to remove sensitive information. All files will be turned into secure PDFs. 

HEI Code of Conduct

HEI fully expects that all participants who attend any in-person or online meeting or event behave with the utmost respect for peers, colleagues, staff, volunteers, researchers, sponsors, and everyone across the HEI community. It is our sincere desire that every event, meeting, and gathering we host or participate in fosters and encourages an inclusive, positive, and welcoming environment for all. Read HEI’s full Code of Conduct Statement.