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Progress Reports

Progress reports are one of the ways by which HEI keeps informed of the progress of the studies that it supports. Ten-month progress reports form the basis for contract renewal for the next year of the study. 

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Investigators are required to submit progress reports at five and ten months of the first year of the study. In subsequent years, five- and ten-month reports are requested as well. In the final year of the contract, a five-month progress report is requested with a timeline for completing the study and report writing; the ten-month progress report is replaced by a comprehensive final report.

The basic objective of the reports, particularly in the first year, is to indicate how much progress has been made in the development of experimental procedures, which objectives have been completed, and what problems, if any, have arisen. 


The ten-month report is a combined progress report and renewal application for the next year’s funding. HEI’s decision regarding renewal of the contract is based upon the information provided by the investigator in this report. The ten-month report should provide a detailed account of the experimental results obtained during the funding period, as well as a work plan (including a revised Statement of Work), and a budget for the coming year. Progress reports are reviewed by the Research Committee and by HEI’s scientific staff.

Ten-month progress reports for studies funded under the Walter A. Rosenblith New Investigator Award should be accompanied by a letter from the mentor(s) signing off on the progress report, and reporting on the communications with the awardee and other mentoring that has taken place during the past year.


Progress Report Form

Budget for Year 2
Budget for Year 2 - subcontract
Budget for Year 3
Budget for Year 3 - subcontract
Budget for Year 4
Budget for Year 4 - subcontract

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