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Summer Fellows

HEI is pleased to announce the 2023 cohort of summer fellows.

Diana Abigail Cantoran-Perez: Santa Ana Children’s Lead Exposure Study and Air Quality in Merced, CA
Summer Fellow / 2023
University of California, Berkeley

Mentor: Jun Wu, University of California, Irvine

Diana Abigail Cantoran-Perez
Thomas Elijah Ealey: Excessive Heat in Atlanta and Macon, Georgia
Summer Fellow / 2023
Savannah State University

Mentor: Yang Liu, Emory University

Thomas Elijah Ealey
Andrew Gallego: Characterizing Sources of Air Pollution via Enhancement Ratios
Summer Fellow / 2023
Boston University

Mentor: Sally Pusede, University of Virginia

Andrew Gallego
Alyssa Aminata Kamara: Contra Costa Air Pollution Pregnancy Study and the Central California Environmental Justice Network
Summer Fellow / 2023
University at Albany

Mentor: Yanelli Nunez, PSE Healthy Energy

Alyssa Aminata Kamara
Kai Kibilko: Indoor Air Pollution Disparities in Low-income Housing and Redlining-based Exposure Disparities
Summer Fellow / 2023
Brandeis University

Mentor: Jon Levy, Boston University

Kai Kibilko
Kyara Ralliford: Evaluating Intimate Care Products
Summer Fellow / 2023
Columbia University

Mentor: Robin Dodson, Silent Spring Institute

Kyara Ralliford
Lawrence Tran: Spatial Distribution of Microplastics and Socioeconomic Status
Summer Fellow / 2023
University of California, Los Angeles

Mentor: Regan Patterson University of California, Los Angeles

Lawrence Tran

We thank our collaborators and co-funders for their support!



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