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HEI Environmental Justice Program: Our Team

HEI has established an Advisory Council and an Oversight Panel, to advance HEI’s environmental justice (EJ) work. Council and Panel members have expertise in environmental justice, environmental health, community engagement, and air pollution monitoring or modeling, among other areas of expertise.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is a multisectoral group comprised of representatives from academia, community groups, non-governmental organizations, and policymaking. The Council:

  • Provides strategic advice in establishing HEI’s initial EJ research program by identifying highest priority topics and programs where HEI can most effectively advance EJ.
  • Identifies approaches to ensure that the HEI EJ program achieves its mission.
  • Advises HEI on integrating EJ considerations into its other programs, policies, and activities.

The Council meets regularly to discuss the direction of the program, principles for engagement, research solicitation format and language, and ongoing needs in the EJ community.

Maria Harris
Maria Harris Senior Scientist, Environmental Defense Fund
Mychal Johnson
Mychal Johnson Co-Founder, South Bronx Unite
Yukyan Lam
Yukyan Lam Research Director and Senior Scientist, Tishman Center at the New School
Beto Lugo Martinez
Beto Lugo Martinez Grassroots Environmental Justice Organizer, RISE4EJ
Lesliam Quirós-Alcalá
Lesliam Quirós-Alcalá Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Elizabeth Scheehle
Elizabeth Scheehle Research Division Chief, California Air Resources Board
Sherri White-Williamson Executive Director, Environmental Justice Community Action Network