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Funding Opportunities

Active RFAs

HEI is seeking to fund studies to advance exposure assessment for air pollution and health studies using sensors, mobile monitoring, tracking technologies, and other approaches. The studies should develop and apply novel approaches to improve long-term (months to years) exposure assessment of outdoor air pollutants whose levels vary greatly in space and time.

This award supports creative junior investigators, at Assistant Professor or equivalent level, with outstanding promise who are interested in the health effects of air pollution. RFA 18-2 provides up to 3 years of funding for a project relevant to HEI's research interests, as outlined in the HEI Strategic Plan 2015-2020. All applicants should contact HEI to verify their eligibility before applying.

HEI is seeking to fund studies to assess the health effects of air quality actions, also known as accountability research. Accountability research refers to empirical studies assessing the effects of regulatory actions, other interventions, or “natural” experiments on air pollution and health (sometimes also referred to as intervention studies).

Other Important Information

Project Negotiations and Investigator Commitment

HEI's research oversight and review processes are different from those at many other funding agencies. Please familiarize yourself with the requirements before applying. Read about the scientific negotiation of project plans, the research agreement (contract), quality assurance program, progress reports, site visits, annual conference, final report, and publications.

Project Negotiations and Investigator Commitments

Quality Assurance and Quality Control 

Policy on Data Access

 HEI's Conflict of Interest Policy

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