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Cloelle Danforth

Cloelle Danforth

Senior Scientist

Cloelle Danforth is a Senior Staff Scientist at HEI with expertise in environmental engineering whose research has focused on characterizing the chemical and toxicological characteristics of oil and gas wastewater. Cloelle joined HEI in 2023 as part of the Energy Research program, which seeks to understand potential human exposures and health impacts related to unconventional oil and gas development.

Prior to joining HEI, Cloelle was a Senior Scientist at the Environmental Defense Fund in the Climate and Health program, working to understanding impacts to human health and the environment from chemicals, waste management and unintended releases, and to identify policy development and regulatory drivers for more protective guidance.

Cloelle earned a M.S. and Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Cornell University, where she investigated the use of a bacterium as a bioaugmentation agent for the remediation of contaminated sites. She holds a B.S. in Engineering Science from Smith College.