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Hanna Boogaard

Consulting Principal Scientist

Hanna Boogaard is an epidemiologist and Consulting Principal Scientist. Since joining HEI in 2012, she has been involved in research oversight and review of studies investigating exposure to traffic and studies evaluating the effectiveness of interventions to improve air quality and public health (Accountability). In addition, she is involved in developing and overseeing new research programs on non-tailpipe traffic emissions, studies assessing adverse health effects of long-term exposure to low levels of ambient air pollution, and studies on health effects of traffic-related air pollution. Before joining HEI, Boogaard studied health effects of traffic-related air pollution including ultrafine particles, and effectiveness of traffic policy measures. In addition, she worked on estimating exposure and health effects of commuters, and researched effects of active modes of transport including positive (e.g, increase in physical fitness) as well as negative (e.g, increased risk of accidents) effects. Boogaard received a Ph.D. in air pollution epidemiology from Utrecht University, the Netherlands. Boogaard is an associate editor of Public Health, Environmental Epidemiology & Health Impact Assessment for the journal Environment International.