HEI's Strategic Plan 2015-2020

Strategic Plan,

HEI has launched its Strategic Plan for Understanding the Health Effects of Air Pollution for the coming five years, guiding HEI’s direction based on extensive input from sponsors, the scientific community, environmental organizations, and others. The Plan seeks to produce timely and credible science to inform key decisions with one overarching theme: informing decisions on air quality and on climate-driven technology for 2015-2020…and beyond. The four core program elements address:

(1) the continuing challenges of multipollutant science;
(2) improving science for decisions through accountability and transparency;
(3) assessing emerging fuels and technologies; and
(4) addressing global health issues.


Second draft of HEI Strategic Plan now available
HEI’s Strategic Plan for 2020-2025 is nearing its final form. The Plan will provide the framework for HEI’s research and review activities during the next five years. After the release of the first draft in Spring 2019, this second version is based on helpful comments and suggestions provided by HEI stakeholders and the scientific community during the Summer and Fall. We welcome additional comments on the draft Plan before presenting a final version to the HEI Board of Directors for approval in February 2020. Please write to HEIPlan@healtheffects.org. The Plan will become effective on April 1, 2020.