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HEI's Strategic Plan 2015-2020
Annual Report 2015
Executive Summary. The Advanced Collaborative Emissions Study (ACES)
Update Fall 2015
Update Summer 2015
HEI Investigators' Guide. Preparing the Final Report
Update Spring 2015
Update Winter 2015
Update Fall 2014
Understanding the Health Effects of Ambient Ultrafine Particles
Update Summer 2014
Update Spring 2014
Update Winter 2014
Update Fall 2013
Update Summer 2013
Update Spring 2013
Update Winter 2013
Update Fall 2012
Update Summer 2012
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Update Winter 2016
Update Winter 2012
The Future of Vehicle Fuels and Technologies: Anticipating Health Benefits and Challenges
Outdoor Air Pollution and Health in the Developing Countries of Asia: A Comprehensive Review
Proceedings of an HEI Workshop on Further Research to Assess the Health Impacts of Actions Taken to Improve Air Quality
Traffic-Related Air Pollution: A Critical Review of the Literature on Emissions, Exposure, and Health Effects
Public Health and Air Pollution in Asia (PAPA): Key Results from Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Wuhan
Mobile-Source Air Toxics: A Critical Review of the Literature on Exposure and Health Effects
Health Effects of Outdoor Air Pollution in Developing Countries of Asia: A Literature Review
Assessing the Health Impact of Air Quality Regulations: Concepts and Methods for Accountability Research
Revised Analyses of Time-Series Studies of Air Pollution and Health
Improving Estimates of Diesel and Other Emissions for Epidemiologic Studies
Research Directions to Improve Estimates of Human Exposure and Risk from Diesel Exhaust
Understanding the Health Effects of Components of the Particulate Matter Mix: Progress and Next Steps
Airborne Particles and Health: HEI Epidemiologic Evidence
Evaluation of Human Health Risk from Cerium Added to Diesel Fuel
Reanalysis of the Harvard Six Cities Study and the American Cancer Society Study of Particulate Air Pollution and Mortality
A Partnership to Examine Emerging Health Effects: EC/HEI Workshop on 1,3-Butadiene
Diesel Workshop: Building a Research Strategy to Improve Risk Assessment
The Health Effects of Fine Particles: Key Questions and the 2003 Review
Diesel Emissions and Lung Cancer: Epidemiology and Quantitative Risk Assessment
Atmospheric Observations: Helping Build the Scientific Basis for Decisions Related to Airborne Particulate Matter
Formation and Characterization of Particles: Report of the 1996 HEI Workshop
Particulate Air Pollution and Daily Mortality: The Phase I Report of the Particle Epidemiology Evaluation Project. Phase I.B: Analyses of the Effects of Weather and Multiple Air Pollutants
The Potential Health Effects of Oxygenates Added to Gasoline. A Review of the Current Literature
Theoretical Approaches to Analyzing Complex Mixtures
Particulate Air Pollution and Daily Mortality: The Phase I Report of the Particle Epidemiology Evaluation Project. Phase I.A: Replication and Validation of Selected Studies
Diesel Exhaust: Critical Analysis of Emissions, Exposure, and Health Effects
Environmental Epidemiology Planning Project
Research Priorities for Mobile Air Toxics
Do Electric or Magnetic Fields Cause Adverse Health Effects?
New Methods in Ozone Toxicology: Abstracts of Six Pilot Studies
Asbestos in Public and Commercial Buildings
Potential Health Effects of Manganese in Emissions from Trap-Equipped Diesel Vehicles
Automotive Methanol Vapors and Human Health: An Evaluation of Existing Scientific Information and Issues for Future Research
Gasoline Vapor Exposure and Human Cancer: Evaluation of Existing Scientific Information and Recommendations for Future Research
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Health Implications of Technological Responses to Climate Change
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Annual Report 2017
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Annual Report 2018
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Annual Report 2019
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HEI Strategic Plan for 2020-2025
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Annual Report 2020
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Annual Report 2021
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Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Selected Health Effects of Long-Term Exposure to Traffic-Related Air Pollution
HEI Update Fall 2022
Annual Report 2022
HEI Update Spring 2023
Annual Report 2023