Annual Report 2015

Annual Report,

Vision 2020 HEI Annual Report 2015, text display over a sprawling city scape with blue skies and mountain in the far distance.The 2015 Annual Report – Vision 2020 - describes HEI’s partnership with scientists, government, industry, and the environmental community to provide high-quality, impartial, and relevant science to inform public policy decisions about air quality and public health. The report highlights the vision underlying HEI’s Strategic Plan 2015-2020 and outlines HEI’s contributions in the past year to important questions posed by government and industry, including the impact of the now lower pollution levels on human health, ways to fill in gaps on what we know about traffic pollution, how useful the current literature is for calculating the risk of lung cancer from exposure to diesel engine emissions, and what global effects air pollution has on years of healthy life lost. The report also describes how HEI has employed its model for balanced science to design a research agenda for assessing potential health effects from unconventional oil and gas development, using separate funding.

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