New Methods in Ozone Toxicology: Abstracts of Six Pilot Studies

Communication 1,

HEI Communications 1 contains abstracts for six feasibility studies that were funded under RFA 89-2: Health Effects of Chronic Ozone Inhalation: Collaborative National Toxicology Program–Health Effects Institute Studies: Pilot Studies.


- Background for the Ozone Toxicology Pilot Studies
- Immunocytochemical Study of the Connnective Tissue of Rat Lungs, Ling-Yi Chang
- Ozone-Mediated Damage to Lung Nucleic Acids, Robert A. Floyd
- Localization of Tropoelastin and Type I Procollagen Expression in Lungs After Short-Term Ozone Exposure, Willam C. Parks
- Ozone, Extracellular Matrix, and Epithelial Adaptation, Kent E. Pinkerton
- Assessment of Airway Responsiveness to Inhaled Methacholine and the Effects of Short-Term Ozone Exposure in Aged Fischer-344 Rats, Derek A. Uchida
- Quantitative Ultrastructural Analysis of Connective Tissue in the Lungs, Renaud Vincent
- Includes Comments from the Institute's Health Review Committee
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