A Partnership to Examine Emerging Health Effects: EC/HEI Workshop on 1,3-Butadiene

Communication 6,

Communication 6 contains proceedings from a workshop held in Brussels, Belgium, June 29–30 1998. Contents:

Introductory Material: Introduction; Executive Summary; Agenda

Workshop Presentations:

Extended Abstracts of Overview Talks on Butadiene
Introduction, Rogene Henderson
Ambient Concentrations, Geoffrey Dollard
Metabolism, Johannes Filser
Mutagenicity I, Richard Albertini
Mutagenicity II, Francesca Pacchierotti
Epidemiology, Paolo Boffetta
Summary, Seymore Garte

Poster Session

Panel: Butadiene Risk Assessment in the Regulatory Framework, Michael Penman, Sharon J. Munn, Isla M. Brooke, Aparna Koppikar, Kathryn Huges


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