Formation and Characterization of Particles: Report of the 1996 HEI Workshop

Communication 5,

Communication 5 contains proceedings of a workshop held in Cambridge, MA, December 3–4 1996.


Workshop Summary

- Introduction, R. Sawyer and M. Costantini
- Current Understanding of the Health Effects of Particles and the Characteristics That Determine Dose or Effect, J. Mauderly, G. Oberdörster
- Particle Formation in Combustion, J. Howard, G. Hunter
- The EPA Particle Emissions Testing Procedure, J. Somers
- Characterizing Particulate Matter in Motor Vehicle Exhaust
          Diesel and Gasoline Engines, D. Kittelson, J. Johnson, K. Schindler, M. Maricq, M. Hawkins
          Motor Vehicles In Use, G. Cass, S. Cadle, W. Pierson
- Atmospheric Aerosol Transformation, S. Pandis
- Generating Particles for Laboratory Studies, Y-S Cheng, P. Koutrakis
- Conclusion
- Issues and Research Needs for Particle Characterization

Workshop Agenda

Workshop Participants

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