Diesel Emissions and Lung Cancer: Epidemiology and Quantitative Risk Assessment

Special Report,

A Special Report of the Institute's Diesel Epidemiology Expert Panel. Although epidemiologic data have been used generally to identify the hazards associated with exposure to diesel exhaust, questions remain as to whether the human data can be used to develop reliable estimates of the magnitude of any risk for lung cancer (that is, through quantitative risk assessment [QRA]), and whether new research efforts could provide any additional data needed. In response to such issues, the Health Effects Institute initiated the Diesel Epidemiology Project in 1998. The Project includes the evaluation by HEI's Diesel Epidemiology Expert Panel of occupational epidemiologic studies that have been used for QRA, and the development of new research initiatives to improve understanding about the health effects of diesel exhaust.


- Statement from the HEI Board of Directors

- Contributors to the Project

- Executive Summary

- Background

- The HEI Diesel Epidemiology Project

- Summary of Railroad and Teamster Studies

- Assessment of Railroad and Teamster Studies

- Findings and Recommendations for Future Research

- Appendices

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