Theoretical Approaches to Analyzing Complex Mixtures

Communication 4,

Communication 4 contains four reports on analyzing complex mixtures. Three reports address analytical approaches to indentifying toxic compounds. One describes statistical approachs to analysis of interaction.


Background for the Complex Mixtures Program Biochemical Approaches
- Immunoaffinity Chromatography in the Analysis of Toxic Effects of Complex Mixtures, William E. Bechtold
- Stationary-Phase Programming for Liquid Chromatography: A New Concept for Separating Complex Mixtures, John G. Dorsey
- Supercritical Separation and Molecular Bioassay Technologies Applied to Complex Mixtures, David L. Springer

Statistical Approach
- Using the Parallel Coordinate Axis System to Analyze Complex Mixtures: Determining Biological Activity and Interactions Among Components, Chris Gennings

Concluding Remarks

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