Emissions from Diesel and Gasoline Engines Measured in Highway Tunnels

Research Report 107,

Real-World Particulate Matter and Gaseous Emissions from Motor Vehicles in a Highway Tunnel. Alan Gertler, John A Gillies, William R Pierson, C Fred Rogers, John C Sagebiel, Mahmoud Abu-Allaban, William Coulombe, Leland Tarnay, and Thomas A Cahill

Airborne Carbonyls from Motor Vehicle Emissions in Two Highway Tunnels. Daniel Grosjean and Eric Grosjean

This report describes two studies that measured emissions in roadway tunnels. Dr. Gertler and colleagues at the Desert Research Institute studied particulate matter emissions in the Tuscarora Mountain Tunnel located on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Dr Grosjean and colleagues at DGA, Inc studied carbonyl emissions in the Tuscarora Mountain Tunnel and in the Caldecott Tunnel in California. The unique environment in tunnel studies allows the investigators to measure emission rates averaged over many vehicles, to determine the physical and chemical character of emissions under ambient conditions, and in some instances to compare current emissions with past emissions at the same location. Both groups of investigators also measured emissions at times when the proportions of gasoline engine vehicles and diesel engine vehicles differed, allowing them to estimate the differences between emissions from the two sources.