Winter 2017 Update now available

February 15, 2017

In the Winter 2017 Update, read about HEI’s new “State of Global Air” annual report and website and our upcoming Annual Conference in Alexandria, Virginia. The newsletter also covers the recipient of the 2016 Walter A. Rosenblith New Investigator Award; the appointment of a new member to HEI’s Board of Directors; and HEI “Communicating the Science” at meetings in the U.S. and abroad.

HEI launches State of Global Air report and website

February 13, 2017

HEI has launched State of Global Air 2017 — a concise, accessible report and interactive website providing “one-stop shopping” for the latest trends in air quality and its impact on human health around the world. The report and website will be updated each year, highlighting the extent to which air pollution affects public health as well as tracking progress toward cleaner air.

Mònica Guxens selected for 2016 Rosenblith Award

February 6, 2017

Mònica Guxens, assistant research professor at Barcelona Institute for Global Health (formerly CREAL) in Barcelona, Spain, has received HEI’s 2016 Walter A. Rosenblith New Investigator Award for her proposal “Air Pollution, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Brain Imaging Amongst Children in Europe — the APACHE Project.” 

Annual Report for 2016 now available

January 31, 2017

The 2016 Annual Report, Trusted Science for Decisions, describes HEI’s partnership with scientists, government, industry, and the environmental community to provide high-quality, impartial, and relevant science to inform public policy decisions about air quality and public health.

Air Pollution and Pregnancy Outcomes in Wuhan, China

September 28, 2016

HEI Research Report 189 describes a study by Dr. Zhengmin Qian conducted in Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei province in China. Wuhan experiences temperature extremes and generally has higher air pollution levels than those seen in the United States and Europe. Dr. Qian examined whether increased exposures to air pollutants (particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and ozone) during vulnerable pregnancy periods were associated with increased rates of preterm birth, low birth weight, or intrauterine growth retardation, using both a cohort and nested case-control design.

Burden of Disease in China from Coal-burning and Other Sources

August 18, 2016

Special Report 20, Burden of Disease Attributable to Coal-Burning and Other Major Sources of Air Pollution in China, provides the first comprehensive assessment of the current and predicted burdens of disease attributable to coal-burning and other major sources of particulate matter air pollution (PM2.5) in China at the national and provincial levels. 

Study examines impacts of emissions regulations in the Atlanta area

April 17, 2018

HEI has published Research Report 195, which describes a study led by Dr. Ted Russell at the Georgia Institute of Technology as part of HEI’s Accountability Research Program. Dr. Russell and colleagues examined the extent to which regulations targeting power plants and mobile sources in the Atlanta area were effective in improving air quality and ultimately reducing cardiorespiratory emergency department visits.

State of Global Air 2018: Over 7 Billion People Face Unsafe Air

April 17, 2018

HEI has issued State of Global Air 2018 with the latest trends in air quality and its impact on human health around the world. For the first time, the 2018 report and website include worldwide estimates of exposure and health burdens from burning of solid fuels inside people’s homes.

Webinar:  Did power plant and motor vehicle controls improve air quality and health in Atlanta?

April 13, 2018

Did Power Plant and Motor Vehicle Controls Improve Air Quality and Health in Atlanta? Tune in to a public webinar on Thursday April 19 at 1 pm EDT. Presented by the Health Effects Institute and Armistead (Ted) Russell, Georgia Institute of Technology. (Slide presentations now available.)

Request for Qualifications and Proposal for Quality Assurance Oversight

March 30, 2018

HEI is seeking qualified contractors to provide quality assurance services for seven studies on air pollution and health. The deadline for statement of qualifications is May 15, 2018. The deadline for proposal submission is July 2, 2018. For more information please contact Hanna Boogaard at HEI.