Study suggests better air quality led to improved lung function in California children

January 23, 2017

Research Report 190 describes a study by Frank Gilliland and colleagues that was funded under HEI's Accountability research program. The investigators collected air quality data and lung function and respiratory symptom measures in three cohorts of children who participated in the Children’s Health Study in Southern California. During the 20-year study period, nearly 20 major policy actions were implemented to reduce pollution from transportation and other sources. Gilliland and colleagues evaluated whether the improved air quality was associated with improved lung function and respiratory symptoms in these children.

HEI Issues RFA 17-1 for Traffic and Health studies

January 13, 2017

HEI has issued RFA 17-1, Assessing Adverse Health Effects of Exposure to Traffic-Related Air Pollution, Noise, and Their Interactions With Socio-Economic Status. HEI is seeking to fund health studies to assess adverse health effects of short and/or long term exposure to traffic-related air pollution.

Workshop on Effects of Fuel Composition on PM

HEI held a workshop on December 8, 2016, to provide an overview of research on the effects of fuel composition on particulate matter (PM). Introductory presentations included overviews of regulatory issues, of engine/vehicle parameters, and of fuel formulation, as well as tail-pipe emissions vs. ambient levels of PM. Other presentations discussed the impact of gasoline composition (including ethanol level and aromatics) and engine technology (including gasoline direct injection) on PM emissions. Includes an Executive Summary of the workshop. 

HEI Issues RFA 16-1, Rosenblith Award

December 5, 2016

HEI has issued RFA 16-1, Walter A. Rosenblith New Investigator Award. The purpose of this award is to bring new, creative investigators into active research on the health effects of air pollution. It provides three years of funding for a small project relevant to HEI’s research interests to a new investigator with outstanding promise at the Assistant Professor or equivalent level. Please refer to Funding Opportunities on how to apply.

Whitby Award for HEI Rosenblith Investigator Sally Ng

November 8, 2016

Nga Lee (Sally) Ng, a recipient of HEI’s 2013 Walter A. Rosenblith New Investigator Award, has won the 2016 Kenneth T. Whitby Award from the American Association for Aerosol Research. This award recognizes outstanding contributions to aerosol science and technology by a young scientist.

Fall 2016 Update now available

October 19, 2016

The Fall 2016 Update reports on a new study that explored the impact of Southern California air quality regulations on children’s health. Also read about new HEI Review Committee member Jennifer Peel, upcoming requests for applications, and the sharing of HEI science at major Asian and European conferences.

Stay Tuned for New RFAs

September 12, 2016
This upcoming fall and winter, HEI will issue three requests for applications (RFAs) soliciting new research. Watch for updates at Funding Opportunities. The three requests are: 
  • RFA 16-1: Walter A. Rosenblith New Investigator Award
  • RFA 17-1: Assessing Adverse Health Effects of Exposure to Traffic: Air Pollution, Noise, and Interactions with Socioeconomic Status
  • RFA 17-2: Health Effects of Air Pollution 


August 17, 2016

专题报告20,燃煤和其他主要大气污染源所致的中国疾病负担。报告从国家与省级层面,对中国燃煤及其他主要空气污染源释放的细颗粒物(PM2.5)所造成当前及未来疾病负担进行了第一次综合评估。此项报告由清华大学、健康影响研究所、健康指标和评估研究所(IHME)与不列颠哥伦比亚大学联合发布,是全球疾病负担-主要空气污染源(GDB MAPS)这一国际合作项目的研究结果。分析表明,燃煤是造成空气污染、影响健康的最大元凶。2013年,仅燃煤一项在中国就导致约36.6万人过早死亡,其中以工业与民用燃煤影响最为重大。报告还指出,如不采取进一步行动,到2030年健康负担将会大幅增加。

Air Pollution and Adverse Reproductive Health Outcomes

August 3, 2016

HEI Research Report 188 analyzes associations between increases in various air pollution exposure metrics and increased risks of preterm birth. Jun Wu was funded under HEI's Walter A. Rosenblith New Investigator Award to conduct a comprehensive nested, case-control study of air pollution and adverse birth and pregnancy outcomes, using birth certificate data collected in California from 2001 to 2008. 

"Direct" Approach Evaluates Air Quality Interventions

May 31, 2016

HEI Research Report 187, Causal Inference Methods for Estimating Long-Term Health Effects of Air Quality Regulations, was funded as part of HEI’s Accountability research program, aimed at understanding whether actions to improve air quality have resulted in improved health outcomes.