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14-4 Walter A. Rosenblith New Investigator Award

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RFA 14-4

The purpose of the Walter A. Rosenblith New Investigator Award is to bring new, creative investigators into active research on the health effects of air pollution. It provides three years of funding for a small project relevant to HEI’s research interests to a new investigator with outstanding promise at the Assistant Professor or equivalent level. For information on HEI’s current research priorities, applicants should consult HEI’s current Strategic Plan.

The evaluation process for these applications will consider the qualifications and background of the applicant, the quality and relevance of the research proposal, and the research environment of the applicant. Fall 2014 RFA booklet

How to Apply

This RFA is closed.

Ongoing studies funded under this RFA

East Carolina University

This New Investigator Award study is evaluating whether injury after exposure to ozone is mediated through changes in the lung and blood of levels of oxidized phospholipids. This will be tested in normal mice and in mice genetically lacking the Scavenger Receptor B1 that binds oxidized phospholipids.

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