Energy Research Program: Unconventional Oil & Natural Gas Bibliography

Here you will find the Bibliography for the 21st Century Unconventional Oil and Natural Gas project. It includes citations for literature about potential impacts of unconventional oil and natural gas development on human health and well-being, communities, ecological health, and the environment. 

Download the Unconventional Oil & Gas Bibliography. (Posted December 12, 2018)

This bibliography includes:

  • Literature compiled by the HEI Special Scientific Committee on Unconventional Oil and Gas Development as it developed its October 2015 Research Agenda on the Potential Impacts of 21st Century Oil and Natural Gas Development in the Appalachian Basin and Beyond. 
    In the Research Agenda and here, “21st century oil and natural gas development” refers to the onshore development and production of oil and natural gas from unconventional geologic resources as practiced today, recognizing that industry practices continue to change in response to evolving technologies, regulations, and other factors. 
  • Literature published since the Special Committee’s review that is primarily focused on potential human exposures and effects.

This bibliography will be updated on a monthly basis. Please check back regularly.