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Poster Abstracts for HEI Annual Conference 2023

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E HEI Energy study

R Walter A. Rosenblith New Investigator Award, with year received

W Jane Warren Trainee Conference Award

* Study not funded by HEI

Principal Investigator/


Adar S

Benefits of the EPA’s School Bus Rebate Program: A Randomized Design

Alderete TR 2019

(Elizabeth Holzhausen presenting)

The Infant Fecal Metabolome: Proposing a Mechanistic Link Between Prenatal Air Pollution Exposure and Childhood Obesity Risk

Amini HR 2020

Performance Evaluation of a Google Street View-Based LUR Model for Prediction of Ultrafine Particles in COpenhagen Ultrafine Particles and Health (COUPH) Study

AntonelliR 2020

Understanding the Impact of Mobility on the Analysis of Air Pollution Mixtures

Apte JR 2017

Scalable Multi-Pollutant Exposure Assessment Using Routine Mobile Monitoring Platforms

Arku RR 2020

Urban Air Pollution in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Study of Prenatal Exposures, Birth Outcomes, and Lower-Respiratory Infections in Infants

Baka JE

(Susan Brantley and Tao Wen are presenting)

Using Geoscientific Analysis and Community Engagement to Analyze Exposures to Potential Groundwater Contamination Related to Hydrocarbon Extraction in Southwestern Pennsylvania

Baxter L*

Racial and Economic Disparities in Exposure to and Health Effects Associated with Air Pollution: Recent Research Related to Environmental Justice

Bell M

(Xu Feng is presenting)


Investigation of Smoke Exposure during Australia Fire Seasons: Phase 1. Importance of Quantifying Plume Injection Heights

Chen K

Effect of Air Pollution Reductions on Mortality during the COVID-19 Lockdown: A Natural Experiment Study

Chow SW,*

The Role of Metabolic Perturbations in Mediating the Effects of Ambient Air Pollution on Lung Cancer in the Cancer Prevention Studies


Effects of Smoking and Air Pollution on Tuberculosis Development and Treatment Outcomes: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Collett JE

Measuring and Modelling Air Pollution and Noise Exposure Near Unconventional Oil and Gas Development in Colorado

Dadvand P, Sunyer J

(Ioar Rivas is presenting)

Traffic-Related Air Pollution and Birth Weight: The Roles of Noise, Placental Function, Green Space, Physical Activity, and Socioeconomic Status

Davidson K*

Demographic Analysis of Air Quality Improvements from EPA’s Recent Heavy-Duty Vehicle 2027 Rule

Durant J*

Aviation Contributions to Ultrafine Particle Concentrations in Communities Surrounding Boston Logan International Airport

de Hoogh K

MOBI-AIR: Accounting for MOBility in AIR pollution exposure estimates in studies on long-term health effects

Ebelt S, Rich D

Environmental and Health Benefits of Mobile Source and Electricity Generating Unit Policies to Reduce Particulate Pollution

Evans G

Improved Characterization of the Real-World Contributions and Impacts of Non-tailpipe Particulate Matter Emissions

Franklin ME

Assessing Source Contributions to Air Quality and Noise in Unconventional Oil Shale Plays

Griffiths C

IONA: Impact of Non-Tailpipe Pollution on the Asthmatic Airway

Harper S, Baumgartner J

How Do Household Energy Interventions Work?

Henneman LR 2021

Air Pollution Source Impacts at Fine Scales for Long-Term Regulatory Accountability and Environmental Justice

Herting MR 2019

Air Pollution Exposure and Prefrontal Connectivity and Emotional Outcomes in Early Adolescence

Hildebrandt Ruiz LE

(Mrinali Modi is presenting)

Assessing the Impact of Spatially and Temporally Allocated NOx Emissions from Unconventional Oil and Gas Development on Regional Ozone Formation

Hildebrandt Ruiz LE

Predictive, Source-Oriented Modeling and Measurements to Evaluate Community Exposures to Air Pollutants and Noise from Unconventional Oil and Gas Development

Hoek G

Comparison of Long-Term Air Pollution Exposure Assessment Based on Mobile Monitoring, Low-Cost Sensors, Dispersion Modelling and Routine Monitoring-Based Models

Hystad P

The TRANSIT Accountability Study: Assessing the Effect of Decreased Tailpipe Emissions on Adverse Birth Outcomes over a 20-Year Period in Texas

Katsouyanni K

Investigating the Consequences of Measurement Error of Gradually More Sophisticated Long-Term Personal Exposure Models in Assessing Health Effects: The LONdon Study (MELONS)

Kinney P

Accounting for the Health Benefits of Air Pollution Regulations in China

Kleeman M

Air Pollution and COVID-19 Severity among Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients: A Multistate Survival Analysis

Koolik LW,*

Racial-Ethnic Disparities in Exposure to PM2.5 from California’s On-Road Mobile Sources Remain After Decades of Emissions Controls

McIntyre AW,*

Portable Air Cleaner Usage and Particulate Matter Exposure Reduction in an Environmental Justice Community: A Pilot Study


Odman M

(Kamal Maji is presenting)

Impact of Prescribed Fire on Air Quality in Southeastern US during 2015–2020

 Ryan JE

Assessing the Effects of Oil and Gas Development on Community Water Sources in Colorado Using Data Collected by Colorado’s Regulatory Agencies

Scammell M*

The Chelsea and East Boston Heat Study (C-HEAT): Hot Spots and Cool Places in Urban Heat Islands Over Three Years of Temperature Monitoring

Shearston JW,*

Can Traffic-Related Air Pollution Trigger Myocardial Infarction Within a Few Hours of Exposure? Identifying Hourly Hazard Periods

Sheppard L

Impact of Mobile Monitoring Network Design on Inference about the Association Between Ultrafine Particulate Matter and Cognitive Function

Shupler MW,*

Put Your Money Where the (Gas) Stove Fits: Using Household Air Pollution Measurements to Prioritize Locations for Clean Cooking Intervention in Sub-Saharan Africa

Stingone J

Traffic-Related Air Pollution and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome among Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients in New York City

Stoffi FW,*

Who Is Most Vulnerable? A Causal Machine Learning Approach for Environmental Justice

Tonne C

Air Pollution in Relation to COVID-19 Morbidity and Mortality: A Large Population-Based Study in Catalonia, Spain (COVAIR-CAT)

Walker L*

Is A-Weighting an Environmentally Unjust Community Noise Metric?

Weichenthal S

Long-Term Exposure to Outdoor Ultrafine Particles and Nonaccidental Mortality in a Large Population-Based Cohort: Persistent Associations across Different Approaches to Exposure Assessment

Wesson K*

NEXUS Multi-Pollutant Advanced Screening Tool – Public Release in Late 2023

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