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Upcoming RFAs on accountability, enhanced exposure assessment, and new investigator award


HEI is planning to issue three Requests for Applications (RFAs) at the end of 2018 and early in 2019. 

RFA 18-1: Assessing Health Effects of Air Quality Actions at the National, Regional, and Local Levels will solicit the next round of accountability studies to evaluate the effectiveness of measures to improve air quality in improving public health. RFA 18-2: Walter Rosenblith New Investigator Award will solicit proposals from applicants at the Assistant Professor level for research on air pollution and health. RFA 19-1: Applying Novel Approaches to Improve Long-term Exposure Assessment of Outdoor Air Pollution for Health Studies will solicit studies to advance exposure assessment for air pollution and health studies using sensors, satellite data, and other approaches. 

Full applications for RFA 18-1 will be due in April/May 2019, for RFAs 18-2 and 19-1 in July/August 2019 (all deadlines to be finalized). Note that all RFAs will have a preliminary application process; full applications will be by invitation only. Please check our Funding page for updates.