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17-2 Health Effects of Air Pollution

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RFA 17-2

Request for Applications 17-2, Health Effects of Air Pollution, provides a mechanism for investigators whose area of interest falls outside of current RFAs, but is compatible with the HEI research program and mission, to apply for HEI funds. HEI is interested in receiving applications for research on novel and important aspects of the health effects of air pollutants, particularly those derived from motor vehicle emissions. 

Request for Applications 17-2: Health Effects of Air Pollution provides up to 2.5 years of funding for up to 2 studies with a funding cap of $400,000 each (total budget).

How to Apply

This RFA is closed.

Ongoing studies funded under this RFA

Carleton University, Canada

The investigators will develop and apply a source‐ and location-specific database of mortality benefits per ton emissions reduction of NOx and other pollutants. 

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