Making the MOSES data and specimens available

May 14, 2018

HEI is making available to the public the database and material of the Multicenter Ozone Study in oldEr Subjects (MOSES). In the interest of scientific transparency and to encourage the broadest possible use of the data and the material, HEI has set up a streamlined process to access the data and the material (subject to the limited quantities available). The MOSES database may be accessed by anyone who is interested. Any qualified researcher from a not-for-profit US research center interested in doing specific analyses can request the samples.

Study evaluates metrics of exposure to traffic-related air pollutants in Atlanta

April 23, 2018

Research Report 196, Developing Multipollutant Exposure Indicators of Traffic Pollution: The Dorm Room Inhalation to Vehicle Emissions (DRIVE) Study, describes a study by Dr. Jeremy A. Sarnat that evaluated single- and multipollutant metrics of exposure to traffic-related air pollutants near and farther away from a major highway in Atlanta, as well as biological markers in a panel of students.

Study examines impacts of emissions regulations in the Atlanta area

April 17, 2018

HEI has published Research Report 195, which describes a study led by Dr. Ted Russell at the Georgia Institute of Technology as part of HEI’s Accountability Research Program. Dr. Russell and colleagues examined the extent to which regulations targeting power plants and mobile sources in the Atlanta area were effective in improving air quality and ultimately reducing cardiorespiratory emergency department visits.

State of Global Air 2018: Over 7 billion people face unsafe air

April 17, 2018

HEI has issued State of Global Air 2018 with the latest trends in air quality and its impact on human health around the world. For the first time, the 2018 report and website include worldwide estimates of exposure and health burdens from burning of solid fuels inside people’s homes.

Webinar:  Did power plant and motor vehicle controls improve air quality and health in Atlanta?

April 13, 2018

Did Power Plant and Motor Vehicle Controls Improve Air Quality and Health in Atlanta? Tune in to a public webinar on Thursday April 19 at 1 pm EDT. Presented by the Health Effects Institute and Armistead (Ted) Russell, Georgia Institute of Technology. (Slide presentations now available.)

Request for Qualifications and Proposal for Quality Assurance Oversight

March 30, 2018

HEI is seeking qualified contractors to provide quality assurance services for seven studies on air pollution and health. The deadline for statement of qualifications is May 15, 2018. The deadline for proposal submission is July 2, 2018. For more information please contact Hanna Boogaard at HEI.