Spring 2019 Update now available

June 5, 2019

In this issue of Update, read about HEI presenting science and strategies at a major symposium on transportation, air quality, and health; the release of State of Global Air 2019; the continued progress of an HEI reviewing the literature on traffic-related air pollution; a new staff member managing our digital communications; and more.

New report examines household air pollution and health risk in Ghana

May 29, 2019

HEI has released Communication 19, which evaluates the contribution of household air pollution to ambient fine particle air pollution in Ghana and the impact on health using analyses conducted in the country. It also identifies strategic opportunities to address air pollution and source apportionment of air pollutants in Ghana and other low- and middle-income countries.

HEI asking for input on next Strategic Plan

April 30, 2019

At its Annual Conference in Seattle on May 7, HEI is presenting its draft Strategic Plan for 2020-2025

Study examines toxicity of aerosol mixtures derived from isoprene

April 8, 2019

HEI has published Research Report 198, which describes a study by Dr. Jason Surratt and his colleagues to evaluate the toxicity of fine particulate matter formed from the photochemical oxidation of isoprene in smog-chamber facilities.

Study examines oxidative properties of ambient PM and laboratory-generated organic aerosols

April 5, 2019

HEI has published Research Report 197, which describes a study by Dr. Nga (Sally) Ng and her colleagues to characterize and compare the oxidative properties of ambient particulate matter and laboratory-generated secondary organic aerosols in toxicological assays.

Study examines real-world emissions characterization in two traffic tunnels

March 26, 2019

HEI has published Research Report 199, which describes a study led by Dr. Xiaoliang Wang at the Desert Research Institute in Reno, Nevada. Wang and his colleagues sought to evaluate how mobile-source emissions have changed through real-world emission characterization in two traffic tunnels: the Shing Mun Tunnel in Hong Kong and the Fort McHenry Tunnel in Baltimore, Maryland.