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Workshop on major air pollution sources in India


In January 2018, HEI held a joint scientific workshop on the air quality and health impacts of major air pollution sources in India. This multi-party workshop was co-sponsored by HEI, the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India, and the Public Health Foundation of India to present the new HEI Special Report 21: Burden of Disease Attributable to Major Air Pollution Sources in India. The workshop follows the release in November of Health of the Nation’s States, the India-based assessment of the Global Burden of Disease.

HEI Special Report 21 provides a comprehensive assessment conducted in India to understand exposures at national and state levels from all major sources of particulate matter air pollution. It takes advantage of India’s growing network of air pollution monitors and enhanced satellite data, and is the first to estimate the exposure state-by-state throughout India from different air pollution sources: biomass burning, transport, coal, and more. It then builds on Indian health evidence and the Global Burden of Disease to identify current and future nationwide burdens of disease attributable to each major source across India. The workshop agenda and slide presentations can be found here.