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Study examines toxicity of aerosol mixtures derived from isoprene

April 2019

HEI Research Report 198 coverHEI has published Research Report 198, Understanding the Early Biological Effects of Isoprene-Derived Particulate Matter Enhanced by Anthropogenic Pollutants, which describes a study by Dr. Jason Surratt of UNC, Chapel Hill, to evaluate the toxicity of fine particulate matter formed from the photochemical oxidation of isoprene in smog-chamber facilities. Isoprene is an abundant volatile organic compound emitted by trees and other biogenic sources; information about its potential role in PM toxicity is lacking. The investigators compared the oxidative property and biological responses of various aerosol mixtures, using isoprene as a “seed” molecule, as well as isoprene oxidation products and oxygen radicals. This study was funded by HEI’s Walter A. Rosenblith New Investigator Award.