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Now accepting applications for new heavy duty diesel research


As part of our mission, HEI research has evaluated exposure and health effects in the ever-changing landscape of engine emissions. We are pleased to inform you of a new funding opportunity RFQ 24-1: Benefits Assessment of Accelerated Turnover of the On-Road Diesel Vehicle Fleet in the United States. HEI seeks a well-qualified research team to assess the potential benefits of the accelerated turnover of older heavy-duty diesel vehicles in the United States. 

This RFQ has three aims:

1. Using a robust screening approach, identify an urban hotspot of older medium- and heavy-duty vehicle fleet activity in the United States that geographically overlaps with or is adjacent to a community that would be expected to benefit from reduced emissions associated with accelerated turnover of older medium- and heavy-duty diesel vehicles.

 2. Quantify the baseline potential effects of accelerating medium- and heavy-duty diesel vehicle fleet turnover in the selected hotspot on air pollutant emissions, concentrations, community exposures, and health via phasing out the older medium- and heavy-duty diesel vehicles. 

3. Identify current challenges or barriers to replacement of the older vehicles through engagement with owners and operators of medium- or heavy-duty diesel vehicles and other audiences who are potential beneficiaries of fleet turnover or have relevant experience. To be responsive to this RFQ, all three aims must be addressed.

Interested in applying? Join our webinar on March 19, 2024 from 1pm-2pm(EST). We will guide you through the application process and answer any questions. Participation in the webinar is not a requirement to apply to the RFQ. A summary of the webinar will be made available afterwards.

Please note, the deadline for applications is April 18, 2024 and intent to apply should be communicated to HEI by April 4, 2024.  

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