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HEI helps inform EU air quality policies

February 28, 2020

In mid-January, HEI participated in a joint meeting in Brussels, Belgium to inform air quality decisions in the European Union. The two-day event was co-organized by HEI, the World Health Organization, the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology, and the European Respiratory Society.

Five new studies aim to improve exposure assessment

February 6, 2020

There are many challenges in conducting epidemiological studies of long-term exposure to air pollutants because concentrations vary widely over space and time. Read how HEI investigators will soon begin five new studies, using novel strategies to address these challenges.

Annual Report for 2019 now available

February 3, 2020

The 2019 Annual Report, A Window to Trusted Science, describes how HEI provides high quality, impartial, and relevant science informing public policy on air quality and public health, and continues its longstanding commitment to transparency.

HEI issues RFA 20-1 Health Effects of Air Pollution

January 16, 2020

HEI has issued Request for Applications 20-1, Health Effects of Air Polution, to invite applications on novel and important aspects of the health effects of air pollutants. HEI is particularly interested in applications on the following topics: accountability or effectiveness of air quality regulations; strengthening causal interpretation of evidence from existing cohorts; and contributions of wildland and agricultural burning to air quality and health. Read more..

New HEI accountability studies underway soon

January 14, 2020

HEI is embarking on a third wave of studies under its accountability research program to assess whether actions to improve air quality have been effective in improving public health. Read about 4 new studies that will start in 2020. 

Yangtze River Delta study analyzes impacts of shipping on air quality and health

December 18, 2019

Special Report 22 describes a study led by a team of investigators from Fudan and Tsinghua Universities, other Chinese research institutions, and HEI scientists Allison Patton and Katherine Walker, as part of HEI’s Global Health Program. The report provides an analysis of emissions from shipping and related activities and their impacts on air quality and health in the Yangtze River Delta and Shanghai.