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HEI issues RFA to study air pollution, COVID-19, and health


HEI has issued RFA 20-1B, Air Pollution, COVID-19, and Human Health, to study the intersection of air pollution and the coronavirus pandemic. The deadline for Letters of Intent is June 8.

RFA 20-1B solicits applications for research on novel and important aspects of the intersection of exposure to air pollution and COVID-19 health outcomes. HEI is particularly interested in applications that address the following questions:

  • Accountability research: What are the effects of the unprecedented interventions taken to control the COVID-19 pandemic on emissions, air pollution, and human health?
  • Susceptibility factors: Are individuals/populations who have been chronically or acutely exposed to higher levels of air pollution at greater risk of mortality from COVID-19 compared to those exposed to lower levels of air pollution? Do the effects differ by race/ethnicity or by measures of socioeconomic status?

More detailed information can be found on our Funding page.

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