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HEI hosts virtual workshop on non-tailpipe particulate matter emissions and exposure


In November, HEI held a virtual scientific workshop on the emissions, air quality, and exposure impacts of non-tailpipe particulate emissions from on-road vehicular traffic. With recent and ongoing substantial reductions in tailpipe emissions, there is increasing interest in non-tailpipe emissions and their potential health effects, specifically particles from tire and brake wear and road dust. To understand the state of the science and identify priorities for future research in this important area, HEI brought together experts representing research organizations, government, and industry from the United States, Europe, and Japan. Over two days of interactive sessions, participants discussed achievements and knowledge gaps in non-tailpipe emissions characterization, exposure assessment, and assessment of potential health risks.


The workshop was chaired by Dr. Allen Robinson of Carnegie Mellon University and the HEI Research Committee, and Dr. Meredith Franklin of the University of Southern California.


The workshop agenda and slide presentations can be found here.