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Explore our new interactive East Africa database


We are delighted to launch a geographically organized interactive database that highlights the growing body of evidence on air pollution and health in East Africa.

Air pollution is the second leading risk factor for deaths across Africa. In 2019, air pollution contributed to an estimated 1.1 million deaths in Africa, with 63% linked to exposure to household air pollution (HAP). However, data and evidence on air quality and the health effects of air pollution is limited. This interactive database is a critical first step towards a more comprehensive record of available evidence.

The interactive database currently contains 62 studies across the 7 countries in the region - Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Users can interact with the map and download curated lists of documents. In addition to the geographic identification, the literature database can also be searched by date, type of study, and health outcome.

Help us expand the database: If you would like to add a relevant study to the database, either in English or in a regional language, please email the citation (and if possible, a PDF copy or a weblink) to If the article is not in English, please include one to two sentences about the study in English. 

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