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Cumulative impacts research funding opportunity


HEI is pleased to inform you of a new funding opportunity RFA 24-1 Cumulative Impact Assessment For Decision-Making: A Community-Academic Partnership Approach. Representatives from community-based organizations and research institutions will partner throughout the study as co-principal investigators.

HEI seeks to fund studies that assess cumulative impacts of chemical and nonchemical stressors on health, tailored to a specific intervention, program, policy, outreach method, or other action. Funding will occur in two phases.

Application Track 1 (Phases I and II): Apply directly to Phase I; approval to proceed to Phase II is contingent on achieving specific milestones and outputs established in Phase I. 
Application Track 2 (Phase II, Only): Apply directly to Phase II with a preliminary application, and if invited, a full application that includes many of the outputs that would have resulted from completing Phase I.

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Interested in applying? Join our webinar on April 3, 2024 from 2-3pm (EDT). We will help guide you through the application process and answer any questions. Participation in the webinar is not a requirement to apply to the RFA. A summary of the webinar will be made available afterwards.

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