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Richard F. Celeste

Dick Celeste, HEI Board Chair

President Emeritus, Colorado College

Richard Celeste served as president of Colorado College from 2002–2011. Previously, he served as the United States ambassador to India. His public service experience also includes eight years (two terms) as governor of Ohio, service as director of the United States Peace Corps, and one term as lieutenant governor of Ohio. Equally at ease in the private sector, Mr. Celeste was a managing partner of Celeste and Sabety Ltd., an economic development consultancy. Active in academia before arriving at Colorado College, Mr. Celeste was a Rhodes Scholar and Yale graduate who taught urban economics at John Carroll University and served as a visiting fellow in public policy at Case Western University. In addition to serving as Chair of the Board of Directors for HEI, he is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a lifetime national associate of the National Academies, and he has received numerous awards and honors.