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Jared L. Cohon

Jared L. Cohon

(In Memoriam) 1947-2024

Dr. Cohon was a highly respected, loved, and valued member of the HEI community. His dedication to HEI’s work, as well as his own, spoke to his unwavering belief in science serving as the foundation for improving the lives of others. His many contributions to science will be felt for years to come, both inside and outside the HEI community.

During his tenure on HEI’s board, the organization greatly expanded its work and impact to include the launch of HEI’s Global Health program. He also played a critical role in conceptualizing and building HEI’s Energy program, serving as board chair.

Dr. Cohon was president of Carnegie Mellon University from 1997 through 2013. He joined Carnegie Mellon from Yale University, where he was dean of the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and professor of environmental systems analysis. He joined Yale in 1992 after 19 years at Johns Hopkins University, where he rose through the faculty ranks to become associate dean of engineering and vice provost for research. Dr. Cohon's research and teaching focused on the development of systems analysis techniques and their application to the management of environmental problems. He was especially interested in multiple-criteria decision making methods and their application to river basin planning, water quality management, the siting of energy facilities, and nuclear waste management. Dr. Cohon earned his bachelor's degree in civil engineering from the University of Pennsylvania in 1969 and his master's and doctoral degrees in civil engineering in 1972 and 1973, respectively, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Cohon was appointed to the national Homeland Security Advisory Council by President George W. Bush and has advised many government agencies on risk assessment and management. He has received numerous awards in the field of environmental engineering.