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RFA 24-1 Cumulative Impact Assessment For Decision-Making: A Community-Academic Partnership Approach

RFA 24-1

RFA Objectives
RFA 24-1 seeks to fund studies that assess cumulative impacts of chemical and nonchemical stressors on health, tailored to a specific intervention, program, policy, outreach method, or other action aimed at reducing chemical or nonchemical stressor exposures in the United States.

RFA Format
Funding for this solicitation will occur in two phases:
· Phase I: During this phase, the aim is to strengthen relationships between community-based organizations (CBO) and research institutes by understanding their mutual research needs and forming diverse research teams spanning various sectors. The focus is on identifying pressing questions regarding community cumulative impacts, identifying relevant decision contexts, and devising actionable solutions that directly address community needs. Throughout this phase, partners will collaborate to shape a clear research question, develop engagement strategies with the community, and outline plans for sharing research progress and findings effectively. 
· Phase II: During this phase, plans from Phase I will be put into action. The research team will use innovative or proven methods to conduct a comprehensive assessment of cumulative impacts for a specific decision context. The goal is to share insights in a way that resonates with different groups, ensuring that the information can be used effectively by those who need it most.

Applicants can apply to one of two tracks: 
Application Track 1 (Phases I and II): Apply directly to Phase I; approval to proceed to Phase II is contingent on achieving specific milestones and outputs established in Phase I. 
Application Track 2 (Phase II, Only): Apply directly to Phase II with a preliminary application, and if invited, a full application that includes many of the outputs that would have resulted from completing Phase I.

Study Duration and Budget 
Application Track 1: 
· Maximum study budget: $625,000 for the full study ($75,000 for Phase I, and $550,000 for Phase II)
· Maximum duration: 1 year for Phase I; 2 years for Phase II
For Phase I, applicants will have the option to have HEI award two separate contracts to the research institute and CBO PIs or have the research institute subcontract the CBO.
Application Track 2: 
· Maximum study budget: $550,000
· Maximum duration: 2 years
For Phase II and Track 2, research institutes will subcontract the CBO.

All applicants should email Dr. Anna Rosofsky with their intent to apply.

· Application Track 1 applicants by June 4, 2024.
· Application Track 2 applicants by April 29, 2024.

How to Apply

Application Track 1:

Track 1 application form

Application Track 1 application submission link:
Due date: June 18, 2024


Application Track 2:

Track 2 instructions

Application Track 2 application submission link:
Due date: May 13, 2024

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Applicant Webinar Info

April 03, 2024, 2:00 pm
We hosted an applicant webinar on April 3, 2024, from 2-3 pm EDT. During the webinar, we helped guide potential applicants through the application process and answered any questions. Participation in the webinar is not a requirement to apply to the RFA. A summary of the webinar is now available.