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14-1 Enhancing Near-Road Exposure Assessment Through Characterization of Non-tailpipe and Tailpipe Emissions Near Urban Roads and in Tunnels

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RFPA 14-1

With this focused RFPA, HEI seeks preliminary applications for research in two areas that complement current and past research that HEI has supported to improve assessment of exposure to motor vehicle emissions:
A) Characterization of the composition of non-tailpipe particulate emissions from the current vehicle fleet and their contribution to total near-road particulate matter, and
B) Characterization of emissions changes as a result of changes in engine and emission control technologies and fuels in tunnel studies.
 Winter 2014 RFA booklet

How to Apply

This RFA is closed.

Ongoing studies funded under this RFA

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

The investigators are characterizing contributions to ambient particles released directly (tailpipe and non-tailpipe emissions) and indirectly (resuspended road dust). They will identify variables that may influence the emissions, using a mobile sampling platform to collect particle samples in the Greater Boston area.

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