New Methods to Detect Aerosol Chemical Composition-Induced Reactive Oxygen Species in a Biological Model

This unpublished research report describes a two-year study aimed at building and testing a method for the semi-continuous measurement of reactive oxidant species (ROS) generated by particulate matter in a cellular assay. The assay relied on the use of a compound that turns into a fluorescent product upon reaction with ROS generated in the cells.

A key feature of the study was the construction of a closed perfusion chamber that supported a microscope fixture connected via a fiber optic to a light source. Fluorescence was measured by a photomultiplier tube. The system is enclosed in an aluminum box that protects it from external light and helps maintain a quasi-stable temperature. The investigators tested the system using different types of particles and other oxidizing compounds under different experimental conditions.

This report and the accompanying Review Committee Critique of the report are available upon request.