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09-5 Health Effects of Air Pollution

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RFPA 09-5

RFPA 09-5 provides a mechanism for investigators whose area of interest falls outside of the current RFAs but is compatible with the HEI research program and mission. For information on HEI’s current research priorities, applicants should consult HEI’s Strategic Plan 2010–2015.
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Unpublished Report
Fern Tablin
Lisa Miller
Philip Kass
June 2015

This unpublished report describes a two-year study to evaluate the effect of exposure to particulate matter and ozone on immune function in nonhuman primates (infant rhesus macaques) during early life. The investigators conducted a panel study that took advantage of "natural" exposures in the outdoor nonhuman primate colony maintained at the California National Primate Center, a research unit of the University of California–Davis.